We are concerned about the above application, that seemingly gives the impression that work is being undertaken to existing footpaths within Little Oak Plantation when actually, this seems a precursor to the construction of  a hard surface cycle path through the wood and adjoining land.  I have no objection to cycle paths, but there is clear evidence within the application on a drawing that substantial construction works to a depth of 200mm will have to be undertaken which may damage the wood and no account or surveys have been undertaken regarding the impact of this.

Our drawing showing cycle path and extent of application


overview of works and application

Even the tree officer's report seems to indicate that work will not interfere with the existing footpath system - indicating that he may not be aware of future construction works

I am not sure if planning permission is required for a cycle path, but clearly specialist advice should be undertaken when construction works of this magnitude are being envisaged through what is an ancient woodland. Perhaps even advice should be sought from ecologists, Nottinghamshire Biological and Geological Record Centre and Natural England.

Nor should ADC waste taxpayers monies in preparatory works if there is a chance that the cycle path may be refused.  Why cannot ADC tell the truth in what is their ultimate aim.

Personally I also cannot understand what benefits a cycle path from Derby Road to the footpath linking Forest Road near the doctors surgery to Sherwood Business park will achieve.  In these troubled times we shouldn't be spending monies just for the sake that it is available.  I am sure that with public consultation perhaps better and more worthy schemes could be found within the District.

I urge you to contact you councillor or even MP to get the true facts about this application found out.  Even through the closure date has passed ADC have to take into account all submissions up to the date of the debate in council.

 Please read our letter by clicking the link below - Thank youi

 Our Letter